Thursday, February 26, 2015

The DMX Experience (Part 6 - Testing)

Last weekend I had the chance to use not only one, but two of my new USB DMX interfaces in a big, real-world party lighting setup. One of them was driven by Chamsys MagicQ (a professional lighting software) and the second one was actually connected to one of my Rasperry Pis and PiLight.

The first setup featured some moving heads and a range of LED fixtures, completed by a fog machine. The second consisted of a few LED PARs and two 50-LED WS2801 LED Pixel strings (of which only one was on the DMX bus).

Both setups were running all night, and there were no troubles at all, and I'm very pleased with that. I'd say that this was a very realistic test, and the outcome is very encouraging to say the least. I even had some time to work on the PiLight core software and the Android app.

Here's a short video of the big setup in action (and yes, I cut the audio... it was pretty bad):

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