Monday, January 13, 2014

Mixing up the Christmas tree

Every time, once a year, there's this special time for cookies, presents, warmth, family gatherings and cheesy decorations. I'm talking about Christmas, and event though it's already over, I'd still like to share with you my way of spicing up the decoration. This is not one of the usual, overly techy posts... in fact, this post just shows a mere application of the things that are already described in previous posts. Instead, I'd just like to leave you with some jolly pictures and videos. Enjoy!

Fully decorated & all lit up

Adding some color

Video showing twinkle and snowflake shows

The final video shows some interaction with music

For those of you who'd still like to know a few details: I used a 50-LED WS2801 LED strand (like this one from adafruit), in combination with the PiLight controller board, all driven via RS485 by my central PiLight command Raspberry Pi.

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